Goodbye to Trigeminal Neuralgia!

Hi Dr. Greg:

Just wanted to reach out to let you know how things have been going to date... I feel great and sleeping much better. The pain in my face, head and mouth are virtually gone from the Tri-geminal Neuralgia. I have been suffering for 3 years, non-stop, mind-blowing pain and was offered very limited options with no conclusive success rate. Until you.
I am forever grateful to you and Dr. Brian for putting me in touch with you. I have been singing you praises to all who would listen during my recent stay and have also given your contact information to friends and a colleague here in Syracuse, who is facing back surgery to put rods in her spine. I am hopeful she will be contacting you very soon for a least a consult call.
Somehow, all dentists and chiropractors need to know about your work - how is it that I have met with countless dentists, oral surgeons and chiropractors and the recommendations range from "nothing we can do" to taking my teeth out, drilling thru the roof of my mouth and also the side of my head to cut the tri-geminal nerve?
For now, I will continue to spread the word about Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care as I have done. But if there is ever anything I can do, pleas contact me. Again, many thanks!

Catherine B. - Syracuse, NY


Two miracles!

Dear Dr. Gumberich:

It was great to see you again last month. I also want to thank you for fitting me in with my emergency treatment, as I was in, as you know, pretty bad shape after my fall and injury.
I can't thank you enough for the care and consideration, not to mention the healing gift that you have and shared with me and so many others. When I first came to see you over a year ago, I had suffered from an injury back in the 1980s. I had suffered for over 20 years with that injury. I was never so amazed when you corrected that and eliminated my pain with just one adjustment. It was truly a miracle. I was pain free for almost a year when I had my accident, rupturing 4 discs in my neck which caused not only neck pain, but also limited range of motion, fogginess and headaches and a throbbing in my face where I had also fractured 3 bones. I seriously hoped that you could just fix my neck and was so shocked when after one single adjustment, all of my other pain and symptoms went away as well.
I truly believe that God has given you a gift. Thank you for sharing this gift of healing with me and with so many others. How wonderful to be able to help so many people back to optimum health! You are a great Dr and a wonderful person. Your office staff is kind and sincere. You do wonderful things for people who have given up hope and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I was so very discouraged when I came to see you and left feeling on top of the world.
Keep performing miracles and know that you are loved and appreciated for all that you do.
Many thanks and best regards,

Diane Grady and Don Elias - St. Augustine, FL

P.S. I will be in your area for the month of August and will stop in and have you do a recheck, but almost a month later and I feel great! Thank you!
-- If you ever need a reference please feel free to share this!


Above and Beyond!

Dear Dr. Gumberich and all of your staff,

I know I had a great experience at your office in February but didn't realize how great until returning home and things haven't gone quite so well.
I want to deeply thank you for your expertise with the adjustment and in guiding Dr. Kate. You have consistently gone over and above the call of duty in providing care. I want you to know that I recognize that and am grateful for it.
If there is a testimonial, a kidney :) or anything at all I can do for you, please let me know. Consider it done!
All the thanks and blessings to you and all the staff!

Dawn S. - Bernidji MN


My Son has his life back!

I can’t thank you enough for saving my son. Before I brought Tom to your office, he had lost 50 pounds in less than a year and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and dumping syndrome. At 19 years, his weight was hovering at 110 pounds and he wasn’t able to keep any food down. We had to take him to the emergency room to get a pick line in him just to keep him alive. After his first NUCCA adjustment, he started keeping food down and within 3 weeks, he had put on 10 pounds when we brought him back for a follow-up. He continues to get stronger and is slowly putting the weight back on. Most important, he has his dreams back and can envision a future of going to college, having a career and hope for a fulfilling life. Words cannot express what a miracle this has been for us.

Kathy G. – Brainerd, MN

I feel empowered…

I was referred to Dr. Gumberich by a homeopathic doctor. I was suffering from heavy metal overload, had sleep disorders, high blood pressure, and ADD. I had one NUCCA adjustment and came for a follow up 2 days later, when Doc informed me I had held my adjustment. This was great news, but even better was how I was feeling and the changes I experienced. The night after the first adjustment, I went to sleep at my regular time but woke up the next morning without my usual back pain. I cannot remember when this happened last. Even more interesting, however, is that I have ADD (have had it most of my life). This makes my mornings particularly difficult as I agonize with procrastination and making decisions. I usually make lists the night before and then tackle the easy projects first before taking on anything big. The morning after my NUCCA treatment, however, I awoke and was "clear" in my mind and did not have any confusion, anxiety or indecisiveness. I went straight for the task at hand (a difficult one) and addressed it. My mind has never been able to work that way, and I feel I am finally on the path to better mental and physical well being. Thank you so much Dr. G.

Ken N., Ontario, Canada

My world stopped spinning!

I had been to physical therapists, massage therapists, an orthopaedic doctor and the best neurologists to try and rid myself of my balance problems. I would bend over or turn my head a certain way, and would be thrown off balance. I never knew what would trigger it. It was extremely frustrating as even the top neurologists could not find anything wrong with me. I have a career and 5 children at home to care for and cannot afford to not be on top of my game. Someone at the Cleveland Clinic suggested I locate a NUCCA doctor and try getting some upper cervical care. I had 2 visits with doctor Gumberich, and my entire world changed. I knew immediately something was different. I held my adjustment for about 4 months! and have been back one time since. So far it’s been a year and I’m still holding and feeling great. Thank you Dr. G. and keep spreading the good word about the power of upper cervical!

Catherine V., Jupiter, FL

Good riddance coccyx pain!

Thank you Dr. Gumberich.! It took two years of nagging, but I finally listened to my sister-in-law and came in to see you. I just couldn’t understand how my chronic coccyx pain could be alleviated by adjusting this one little bone in my neck! I followed your care recommendations and after 3 months of care have given up all my prescription pain and sleep medications. You’ve added years back to my life!

Eleanor G., West Palm Beach, FL

Upper Cervical helped lower my blood pressure!

I was looking for an Atlas practitioner to possibly lower my blood pressure and alleviate the ringing in my ears. I had had this condition for 2 years after taking Niaspan. The ringing in my ears was constant, and my medical doctor had me on blood pressure medication. I found Dr. Gumberich and saw him about 12 times in a two month period. The ringing in my ears stopped, and my blood pressure went from 140/96 to 108/73. I almost panicked, not knowing what to do with my meds, and have since been taken off them by my medical doctor. I have never felt better, and am averaging about 4 visits a year now. I am so much more in tune with my body, and cannot thank Dr. G. enough for helping me help myself.

Sherry E.- Greenacres, FL

“I have so much energy”

After going to doctors, physical therapy and massage… I still had headaches daily for years. I am now headache FREE and have my life back! I have so much energy. My life has been changed. I’m a happier and more productive person. I talk to everyone I meet about NUCCA and Gumberich Family Chiropractic.

Barbara L. - Lake Worth

“Dr. Gumberich’s work has been the end of the dreaded heart palpitations”

I had been troubled with insomnia for years. This resulted in almost constant tiredness. I was on medication and supplements to help, but it only worked for a few days. A friend told me about NUCCA care, and how her husband was helped from crippling back pain. I made the 150 mile trip to see Dr. Gumberich and was very impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. Within two weeks, my sleep was improving! Additionally, I’d like to say that good, health-restoring sleep is wonderful, but the great bonus to me from Dr. Gumberich’s work has been the end of the dreaded heart palpitations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Gayle S. - Orlando, FL

“I retired my cane”

I fell and injured my hip in 2004. I tried physical therapy, aqua therapy, cortisone shots, acupuncture and pain medications. My nephew, who practices in Florida, recommended I find a NUCCA doctor in Florida. Following several months of treatments, my condition improved. I was able to discontinue the use of my pain medications and I retired my cane! I recommend others who are sick, suffering or in pain to make an appointment at Gumberich Family Chiropractic. I have told several people about NUCCA and members of my family have also become patients. I declare this treatment as highly successful!

Patricia S. - Palm Beach, FL