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Thank you for visiting the website of Lake Worth Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Gumberich and Gumberich Family Chiropractic - a professional Lake Worth chiropractic clinic. In practice as well as online, Lake Worth Florida 33463 chiropractor Dr. Gumberich strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Gumberich Family Chiropractic has stepped out of the chiropractic mainstream to provide you with an experience and approach to health care that is more personal, holistic, and integrated.

It's important to understand that true health is not just the absence of symptoms. With many health problems, the symptoms are often the last thing to show up. Optimal health is achieved when your body is performing at its peak with no interference to its function. Don't you owe it to yourself to find out where you stand? Experience the difference and visit a NUCCA doctor today.

The Natural Alternative

The focus of NUCCA is making precision adjustments to your body's "master switch" (Atlas vertebra), thereby promoting optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being. Subtle misalignments in the spine can affect every body function. Through gentle adjustments in the top of the neck (just below the brain stem), the whole spine can be aligned, allowing for a normal flow of messages from the brain to body so that the natural healing process can begin Read more about NUCCA

Don't Live With Pain

Tired of being held back from doing the things that you want to do? Get relief that lasts! As NUCCA care helps the body naturally align and heal, you can get back to living a pain free life in fewer visits, with results that are long lasting.

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